Up/Down Fading LED

Hi. I tried building this, but all I'm getting is the LED fading up after the configured delay (I verified by swapping the 33K with a 56K and the delay got bigger), but never fading down.


UPDATE: Nevermind. I was plugging some wires too deep and the insulation made it not make contact with the breadboard.

This is my breadboard:
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Just tried this circuit w/ a 2N3904 transistor & a 47k resistor (since I had no 33k's). Then I was looking @ talkingelectronics.com & they showed how one could add a driver transistor to the output of the 555 to drive a lamp. Well, I had some KSC2500's on hand, so I connected the base of one to the 470-ohm resistor & now I have a fading lamp circuit. The lamp is from a 2-AA (3v) Christmas candle, connected between the collector & positive; w/ the emitter to ground. Power is four Ni-MH cells, for 4.8v.