Interested in inverter circuit

I might consider a move but I would probably cause a scene putting my beer in the fridge. o_O

What would one do to that circuit to get it to be 60 hz?
If you look up 'Astable' on Wikipedia it shows a circuit very similar to the inverter circuit but without the output stage. There are some calculations listed that will show you the correct resistors and capacitor to use for 60hz.

The output may not be very sine wavey and to get any kind of useful power out of it you will need a very good DC supply and high power transistors.

... Err, dare I ask, how do you put your beer in the fridge?... Now remember, this is a family forum :)
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Lol, I'm only referring to us Yanks and our need to chill the suds. I've been across the pond and was viewed a blasphemer in the pubs. o_O

My intended supply is solar panel or regular mains charger to 12v battery bank. I'm trying to deal with the inevitable power outages of Winter. I have my heating, cooking solutions via bottled gas and wood stove, but one needs to pump water. A person can only put up so many 5 gal buckets of water ahead of time. Water pumps for wells here are 220v so a backup source of power that will run the pump would make things much better in the event of a severe storm.
I commend your enthusiasm but to build an inverter to drive a water pump that you would rather want to work reliably is going to be difficult. Don't get me wrong, the simple 555 circuit above may very well work in theory, but you would be much better off buying a decent 'pure sine wave' inverter off ebay.
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Anyway I always chill my suds, you must have met some old men while you were here, they drink the disgusting warm suds from the hand pumps. Urgh