Do you think circuits would benefit from a breadboard layout?


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I'm wondering what the community things about adding an image to show exactly how I layout the breadboard. It would make things easier for viewing but add a considerable amount of time writing up each circuit.

Here is an example of the Flashing LED circuit breadboard:


Do you also think the components are clear and easily identifiable?

I've left out the component values because they are very hard to keep clear with such small areas to work with..
Yes, I believe that they would serve much better. Do you use the same program as the one you use to build the circuit diagram? These would show how a person is to build the circuit exactly which would reduce confusion. Component values wouldn't matter because we have a part list, however it would be nice to label them such as R1 (Resistor 1), R2 (Resistor 2) etc. That way they can tell which one is which. Or colour code them if possible.
It would be an option to have this facility available. In the first instance I would build the circuit from the schematic as I perceive it to be the challenge in arranging the breadboard as the schematic and the breadboard layouts are completely different. Only if the circuit shown on the schematic proved to be undecipherable would I turn to the proposed breadboard layout option. This would at least allow a successful build.

Konrad ;)


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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the feedback! I'll post all the separate images so people can make circuits as well :)
Being a newbie I think this is a great idea... And adding more videos of you constructing the circuits on a breadboard would be highly appreciated as well... And BTW - thanks for this great site - inspired me to get back into the electronics hobby after many - many years... :)