Automatic Curtain Closer

Hello, I have returned to the pcbs and veroboards after a long time (about 8 years).

I was wondering that the description of the project is not finished. Where can I have the full description of this project?

Thanks in advance!


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Thank you for adding me to your group.

Ok, hi everyone, i am kinda new at this but, i am facinated about electronics and went to the store with this plan and bought almost all the components ( missing motor, BD139 and fuse holder) and by mistake, i got 2N2894 (wich is PNP) instead of the BD139 wich is NPN in this case.

Now, if i may ask a few questions, basics for all of you compare to me.

I would need a bit more infos as of; motor model
relay model

...and if lets say, R8 has to be 470Ω and reads 450Ω, is it better adding a 20Ω or leave it as is. Personaly, i would adjust to the better but, tell me what you think or know is best, thanks!