555 challenge :(

So I have a 3v coin battery going into a voltage doubler that uses a 555. The output is right around 5-6v. I have another circuit made using a 555 timer as well that is an astable multivibrator. Im using this to blink 4 leds with an 80% duty cycle and at 80hz. They both work independent of each other. When I remove the grounds and power from the mulitvibrator circuit on my breadboad and connect the power from the output of the doubler to that circuit along with the grounds i get NOTHING. I need the voltage to be about 5-6v for correct illumination of the led. 3v is to dim hence the doubler. And I HAVE to use a coin battery. Any help would be appreciated. Im a Noobie. I have attached my doubler circuit and the astable multivibrator.