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    Delayed Start with Solenoid?

    Thanks admin, and here is the link:
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    help building a traffic light switch

    Hi, Ian Paisley has a site with lots of circuits like you need. His stuff is a lot of model trains, and for turning lights on and off and timing with 555's, can't be beat.
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    Delayed Start with Solenoid?

    And, I found my solution. The output is not the same, but by adding the 0.1uF cap. and the 2 39k resistors on the input I am able to keep the 555 from triggering twice, when fed by a continuous signal. Thank You Delphi Forum!
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    What are you building at the moment?

    Hmm, I replied here yesterday, it was here as a reply all day, and now today it is a separate thread. Kinda makes a person hesitant to post.
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    Delayed Start with Solenoid?

    I need a short-duration timer for my chicken feeder. I have a 120V. solenoid that when powered pulls open a slide and allows chicken feed to flow through a pipe to scatter about the coop. The power comes from a mechanical timer with a 15-min. minimum range. I don't want the solenoid to be...