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    Coil in emp circuit

    I ended up hand winging my own coil and the device works beautifully. Not pretty but gets the job done. Thanks for the confirmation.
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    Coil in emp circuit

    I am a novice building an EMP generator from this schematic using the 555 timer. I was unsure of the coil I needed. Can someone explain to me what coil the schematic asks for? I took one from a linksys carcass. Can this coil make do? (see photo) It seems like it works when powered on, my EMF...
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    Stun Gun

    I am going to give these .11uF capacitors a shot, with a smaller audio 1K transformer I got from Radio Shack that has similar specs to the 1K:8R transformer N83 mentioned. I am still waiting on the BD679 part, the one I have in the image is a placeholder. I constructed some prongs with picture...
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    Light Detector

    Great circuit! I got mine to work, i like it better than the screaming light alarm posted on this site :) I added a pot to keep the volume in check.
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    Screamer Siren - Light Controlled

    Thanks! Here is a video. I recommend swapping out the 1K resistor with a 1K pot to help adjust the sensitivity.
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    TV Remote Control Jammer

    I popped in a 2N4401 and tested the circuit. I measured 1.4v across the IR emitter diode but the transistor temp got over 170F before i switched it off.
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    Screamer Siren - Light Controlled

    thanks for sharing this circuit, mine works great!