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    Importance of positive feedback from admin

    Hi Guys, I'm really glad you have all found the circuits here useful and see potential with this community. I also see that potential but unfortunately things have changed for me since I started the site. I can no longer put in the time I would like too and at the moment I usually just come by...
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Dad, I have full permission to use the circuits thank you. Talking Electronics is fragmented and hard to follow for a beginner, the information is detailed in some places but not others. I've enhanced and modified many of the circuits, I've added text, better images, parts lists and videos...
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    Dummy Alarm

    that looks amazing Justin!
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    Up/Down Fading LED

    Hi Don, Yes, you are absolutely correct. To slow the fading rate, increase the value of the 33k resistor. Kind regards, Admin
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    Knight Rider

    Looks good Konrad!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Welcome to the forum Don! Ask as many questions as you need, that's what we're here for :)
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    6. Calculator

    Note, that you may need to refresh the page a few times to get the CSS to show up :)
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    6. Calculator

    Calculators are now live! Sorry about the delay. Please do let me know what you think :)
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    4 led chaser circuit

    Are you connecting the LED's to the correct pin numbers and not to the output numbers? The diagram above shows the pin numbers and in circuit wizard it shows the output numbers. For example the first led should be connected to output 0 in circuit wizard. If that doesn't help take a...
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    What cable to use?

    Since the current will be very low you can you just able any cable you want. Although for 10 leds, you're more than likely looking at 11+ wires (one each for positive and at least one for negative). An idea for this would be to use Ribbon cable (like the old IDE cables within computers). It...
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    Knight Rider

    Are you able to see which 4017 yenga is trying to simulate? The circuit I built uses the HCF4017B made by STMicroelectronics and it has a recommended supply voltage of 3-20v.
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    Knight Rider

    Breadboard Layout
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    Parts list - help us find parts.

    Information about the components used on this site and where to purchase them. Parts Breadboard - Newark Breadboard Wires - Newark 9v Battery - Newark 9v Clip - Newark Components NE555 (datasheet)- Newark LED 5mm Resistors Variable Resistors Capacitors Capacitors (Electrolytic) Transistors...
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    Breadboard artwork - make your own circuits

    Another update. Components look clearer, added LDR, changed wire colours, fixed the bottom row of holes. This should be a relatively final version. I don't foresee many changes apart from adding components from now on. Regards, Admin
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    It was a tricky one and took some time. Lots of wires. Breadboard Layout:
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    Led driver

    No 555 timer will output that much unless you use a buffer transistor. If you can use 5 volts then I suggest using the NE555 with a TIP31 or equivalent buffer transistor.
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    Led driver

    A normal 555 like the NE555 will work with minimum supply voltage of 4.5. This is stated in the datasheet If you need to go lower than that you should research the CMOS timer 7555. It has a voltage range of 3-16 volts and handles lower...
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    Breadboard Layout:
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    Breadboard artwork - make your own circuits

    Hi Justin, I updated the images slightly. The gaps in between the sets of holes has been enlarged, as well as the heights of a few components. This is to match the size of the real life components. Regards, Admin