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    LED Dimmer

    to kbarnette and all hello , it's easy to overlook a wire or component not touching or the solder broke loose moving a component around as this was my errors of past and sometimes now i catch myself going crazy . last night i was building a led tri colored night light and started playing with...
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    Redesigning the soldering iron!

    my dad started building a heathkit (this tells my age) tv whenever i was 12. i was drawn to it. he also purchased a weller trigger gun soldering iron which i soldered with this morning some 50 years later. no i don't work for them. i nave had 12vdc irons for on the road with a long ago car...
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    LED Dimmer

    my bench supply is 6vdc and i test circuits with it first to keep from frying things. when i built this ,and like so many others the correct voltage , i had to supply 9vdc. i built a voltage stepper to set it in at 9vdc and it worked. i also build voltage doublers to achieve a 12vdc yet they...
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    Bike Turning Signal

    alexintheboro, did you ever run the string on out with 5 equal sets of resistor, transistor and pairs of leds?