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  • Just made two sets of alligator snaps. Now I can finally use those instead of bending wires and hoping they'll stay on the leads! Success!
    Veroboards I ordered were copperless D: Must wait longer until I can build my circuit
    Ordered some 6 vero boards, a soldering kit, and some components so I can build the Bike Turning Signal circuit. Building that soon!
    Finished making two breadboard layouts today, I am now making a third one. The "Servo Tester Remote"
    Could not build metal detector, I've switched to the dummy alarm circuit and will be putting it on a circuit board over the next wek
    Ordered over 100 Jumper cables, 20 555 ICs, and another breadboard. Can't wait for them to show up.
    Finished the TV Remote Control Jammer breadboard layout. I might do more layouts later today.
    Still working on finishing the TV Remote Control Jammer Circuit, it's basically done by I just need to add in a transistor w/ a model number
    Update my breadboard layouts for the Metal Detector Circuit, Mosquito Repeller Circuit, and the Dumby Alarm Circuit
    Currently wishing to help improve this website. I hope that everyone on this forum does they're best to make it better.
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