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    Dark Detector

    Hi Rich, I can report that your very simple circuit worked a treat! I have not tried the 555 circuit, as the one you posted is more than adequate for my needs. Thanks again! Don
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    Dark Detector

    Hi Rich, Many thanks for the replies and the schematic; I shall give both circuits a try and report back...! Incidentally, the LEDs I shall be using are 12v types, rated at 20mA each (according to the datasheet on Rapid Electronics' website). Cheers, Don
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    Dark Detector

    I have a few questions regarding this circuit: 1. What type of capacitors should the 10n and 100n components be? 2. The 1Mo variable resistor - Is it a linear type? 3. I intend using the circuit (or rather several circuits!) to control model railway lighting (all LEDs). I would imagine...
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    Up/Down Fading LED

    Hi, Browsing through the circuits, I came across this one, which will be ideal for a modelling project I am building at present. It is the Polar Lights kit of the spaceship Spindrift from the 1960s Irwin Allen TV series Land of the Giants. However, the fade rate is too fast for my needs, it...
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Dear Sir, My name's Don, I'm from Nottingham, U.K., and I found this site while searching for model railway circuits using the 555. I am a keen modelmaker, and several of the projects here will be very useful! However, despite doing an electronics course at college some thirty years ago, I...