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    Multiple capacitor charger

    Hello everyone! This circuit charges two capacitors up to about 200V. How can I charge more? Any idea?
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    Jacob's ladder

    Hello everyone This is a simple circuit yet it's visually very attractive once it's completed. It's basically a moving plasma. 555 IC is used as the heart of the circuit. Greetings
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    Free electron pump

    Hi everyone! Here is a 555 IC based circuit to power up multiple Fluorescent lamps. Greetings
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    Spark-gap tesla transformer

    Hello everyone, I designed two Tesla transformers, one small and the other medium in size. The high-voltage circuit is powered by a 555 driven MOSFET and a flyback transformer. Please check it out. How can I improve the spark length for these designs? Greetings
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    Pulsed lc oscillator based on 555 ic

    Greetings everyone, An LC oscillator is driven by pulses which are generated by a 555 IC based oscillator. LC oscillator is built around 2SC2078 transistor. The circuit generates about 800V pulsed sinusoidal waveform.
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    Pulsed magnetic field therapy circuit

    Greetings everyone! Here is a simple circuit based on 555 IC that generates a pulsed magnetic field. You may use this field for pulsed magnetic field therapy. Human body is influenced by natural magnetic fields such as Earth’s magnetic field, fields due to geomagnetic storms, magnets, and...