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Electronic circuits that use the 555 Timer

555 Timer Circuits

555 Timers are fun and a great way to start learning electronics

Electronic Sites

These sites are valuable to any electronics enthusiasts.

Carl's Electronic Kits - We have hundreds of Electronic Kits, Electronic Circuits, Robots Robotic Kits, and Plans that are fun, educational, and hobby practical.
Electro Tech Online - A very large electronics forum.
LM317 Circuits - This site explains the use of the LM317 voltage regulator and has useful circuits to build.
FC's Electronic Circuits - A great site with schematics for a number of electronic circuits and links to other electronics pages.
8051 Projects - All the electronics info you need to know about the 8051 microcontroller. With a range of fun electronic projects that you can build.
PCBHeaven - Electronic projects, circuits, theory and PIC tutorials.
PCB Prototype - wide spectrum of contract manufacturing services from electronic assembly.
Basic Electronics Tutorials - Basic Electronics Tutorials and Revision for Students and Beginners.
Sir-Kit Electronics - Electronic home study kits for beginners..
Pad2Pad - Custom printed circuit board manufacturer offering free PCB design software.
Bowden's Hobby Circuits - Includes 100+ circuit diagrams, several electronic calculators, commercial kits and projects.
The Electronics Club - An excellent resource for beginners. With circuits, and theory. - Electronic Tutorials, Electronic Project Kits, Robotics Guide for Students, Amateur and Professionals. Computer Architecture and Digital Circuits.
RF Cafe - Extensive resource for science and engineering.
PCB "Fab-In-A-Box" - The 8min circuit board system.
Mad Lab - Produces a range of creative electronic kits for you to build at home or at school/college.
AVRSite - Electronic circuits based on AVR microcontrollers such as GSM SMS remote control, AVR low cost oscilloscope, AVR programmer, 2 channel RF remote control and many more.
Elliott Sound Products - Professional results for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast.
Digital Timers & Clocks - specializes in Digital Clocks, Digital Timers, Countdown Clocks, and Stopwatches. They also offer electronic kits, audio video switches, and Ham Radio accessories.
Williamson Labs - A collection of tutorials on Electronics, from the basics to University level; more than 190 URLs, in over 90 related subject areas.
Extreme Circuits - tons of free electronics projects, circuit diagrams, circuit schematics, diy and hobby projects..
Best Microcontroller Projects - Here you can find microcontroller tools, projects and tutorials. - Thousands of products for the hobbyist.
Cleverscope - USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.
ucHobby - A great site with loads of information about microcontrollers.
Practical Tools - Distributor of tools and supplies for all types of industries.
Electroniq - DIY electronics projects circuits diagrams

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