Timer circuit that can ignore a persistent trigger current.

iPhone I use iCircuit which is great! I think it is actually the same program as the fakstad one I put the link to above but for the iPhone, it is better on the iPhone as it has more components. I don't remember if it was free or not, if it was pay for it was not much.
I had a go with icircuit on my android tablet, I built a simple circuit and couldn't make it start, or go or play or whatever you do.. I quickly lose patience though I admit.

Maybe the iPhone one is better as they want £6.99 for it
The extra transistor is just pushing more current through the base of the second, base current is usually small (collector current big) so it may have damaged the second one.
At least put a 1k resistor in the bases if you need to use 2.
How are you applying the cell phone voltage. Should be between base and ground.
If it still doesn't work measure some voltages around the transistors and across the relay.

You could also do a simple simulation to see if the transistor will switch a relay, then add the PNP underneath and see what happens
Ah! I see, I'll have another go at the circuit - it's my novice status showing me up here! Thanks for your patience.

I just wanted to check in and see how things are going with the project. I am off work this week, all rested up finally, and will be around the next few days to help out if needed.