Syncronize two strobs

First of all, it's my first approach to electronic so please be nice with my ignorance! :D
I'm trying to make this with leds in order to simulate a plane anti-collision lights:

So I managed myself with some examples in order to get something like this with Crocodile Clips (I told I'm a really noob on this)

That was my best intent, I'm afraid. I tried to add to that example the "Uneven clicks" in order to get two strobs instead one, but without success. (

Any help to get a little approach to this will be grateful. I'm very confused right now on how to continue with my experiment.

Thanks in advance!
I would look at using the decade counter from my police lights thread. Look into using outputs 1&2, then leave 3&4 unused, then use 5&6 and then reset on output 7