Please help me how to increase current in my circuit

how to increase current in my circuit?

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Hello everybody,
I need your help please. I have a step up circuit that step up only voltage like 3.5v input to output 5v(1200mA) DC-DC booster circuit. It takes greater input current than output current. But i need only greater output current. I mention again i need to use lower input current and greater output current. I found online that 555 timer circuits increase output current. Here is the link
So can anybody tell me how to set up this circuit to increase my output current? I am new in electronics. This link dont show the proper circuitry like where to start positive and negative terminal. And also tell me how to join this circuit with my step up circuit. In this link you will see some specifications for output current. I need 3A - 5A using a BD679 or equivalent with heatsink. This current is perfect for my project. So please anybody help me.
Mijanur Rahman
[email protected]