need help with a delay circuit


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I am trying to produce a circuit that sounds simple but I suspect is quite complicated.
I want to trigger a pair of lights like traffic lights with two momentary switches, the switches connect the inputs to 0v.
The first momentary switch changes the output from one led to the other, this could be done with a multivibrator or jk flip flop.
The second momentary switch puts it back to the first led but only after the switch has stopped being moved.
i.e. if the switch is pressed the light doesn’t change for about 3 seconds after it stops moving, if the switch is pressed again within the time the timer resets, it only turns the light back if the switch has not been touched for, say 3 seconds.
Could this be done with an rc timer without the light changing until after the delay?
I've looked at Mr Paisleys site as mentioned on an earlier thread but with no help.