Coil in emp circuit

I am a novice building an EMP generator from this schematic using the 555 timer. I was unsure of the coil I needed. Can someone explain to me what coil the schematic asks for? I took one from a linksys carcass. Can this coil make do? (see photo) It seems like it works when powered on, my EMF meter goes over 120millgauss pointing near the coil and I get a signal on the oscilloscope. I am using the 1uF capacitor to create a 156Hz - 10kHz pulse. When I use the .1uF cap i can clearly hear the buzzing sound coming from the coil. Thank you for any tips or suggestions.

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10-30 turn inductor coil. That's what is says on the schematic. That means that you can use ANY inductor that has 10-30 spiral wound coil.