Circuit Videos


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For a few of our circuits, I've recorded building them and uploaded them to youtube. You can view our channel here:

Other people also upload videos when they make one of our circuits. Here are the known ones:

Note: If you have one and it's not on the list please let me know so I can add it!
Thank you for posting these, I've seen the very top 1 but not the others. I'll be sure to check them out when I get home. If anyone else who would like to make videos of how to build these circuits, I suggest you do it. Also you could simply take high quality images of the circuits or scan an image of a breadboard layout for the forums.

Edit: I just bought my first breadboard but I won't get it until a couple weeks. I'll start to take pictures and videos then.
I'm going to start making these once I buy a tripod, some lights, a microphone, and a stable area with enough room for recording equipment.
I do not have the equipment to make any decent videos but I'll try and post a few pics of some breadboard layouts I make from schematics I find on the Internet...