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    Machine gun circuit

    You can substitute the BC557 for a 2N5088 or 2N5089. The BC557 is a really standard PNP transistor though so it shouldn't be hard to get... Where are you from?
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    Parts Lists

    I've been helping out as much as I can but I'm no expert. Would be good to get a few experienced members to join because like you say the admin is not around much :) With regards to your parts list idea, from what i've seen i think the admin's slowly updating circuits to have images, videos...
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    how can I make a circuit for more than 70 leds (20mA/2.5V) with 555 timer

    Because the 555 can only output around 200mA you need to use a buffer transistor. Check out this page, it pretty much explains it:
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    New member here

    Yes, this is easy with a 555. See the page operating modes, in particular the Monostable mode. This allows a switch to be added to pin 2 which gives a single pulse that could easily power a light.
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    how can I make a circuit for more than 70 leds (20mA/2.5V) with 555 timer

    This circuit requires 9v with 600mA to run. If you wanted to connect this to a 555 timer you can, but you would need to add a few components like sinking the output with a transistor to pass enough current to the led array. Hope that helps.
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    New member here

    Welcome to the forum. The 555 has so many uses, and it is a fantastic component. Great for learning electronics! Are you building any circuits habib?
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    AR Drone 2.0 - Is my circuit correct?

    How did you go 1app4me? Got it working?
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    how can I make a circuit for more than 70 leds (20mA/2.5V) with 555 timer

    It depends on how many you want running at one time?
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    Scamatic Help Needed!!

    You could use the 555 in monostable mode (see here) and put the pressure switch on the input, then wire the green and red lights to the output, sinking one high and one low. This would however always have one light on though.
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    How to make many LED blinking simultaneously

    Do you mean something like this: