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  1. George

    Flashing LED

    Real quick, we can just use 1 555 wired as Monostable to control the time the other 555 is flashing the led, that will allow you to set time like you want. The one that is flashing will be wires as Astable which gives you the frequency you want, fast/slow, to flash the led. How long do you want...
  2. George

    Flashing LED

    I don't have the time tonight but will show you with a video and write up tomorrow. Sorry I worked a 12 hour overnight shift last night and need to get some sleep tonight. Check in around noon or so.
  3. George

    Parts list - help us find parts.

    I just wanted to post my store again. I have added hundreds of items and will be adding hundreds more soon. I have some of the best prices and free shipping. Anyone that wants a large amount can msg me and I will work out a better price. Here is the link.
  4. George

    Transistor Tester

    Are you looking to etch the PCB and want to know how to design it?
  5. George

    Welcome to the forum!

    High David, glad to have you here. I have not been on here in a while and see that the board has been very quiet for quite some time. I hope to hear some of your ideas soon.
  6. George

    Flashing LED

    That all depends on the frequency you want. Increasing the capacitance will decrease the frequency so decreasing the capacitance will increase frequency. Changing R1 and R2 will alter the high and low time also. Here is a good online calculator for this...
  7. George

    Parts list - help us find parts.

    I try to keep them lower than others and always free shipping in the U.S. I have a lot more than is listed, I just never seem to have the time to list them.
  8. George

    Bi-Polar LED Driver

    The green led is being sourced by the timer and the red led is being sunk. That means the green is lete with +V from pin 3 of timer and red is lite with -V from pin 3. Does that make sense?
  9. George

    Traffic Lights

    I think I see what is wrong. If you look back to the link that Daithi posted you need to have pins 1, 5, 7, 9 in series with green, 10, 11 in series with yellow, and 12 in series with red. Please take a closer look at your schematic. I might be getting confused between Q# and pin number so...
  10. George

    Up/Down Fading LED

    Why do you want 12v?
  11. George

    Metal Detector

    I have never built a metal detector and really can't answer your question but I did find this web site that looks like it could be very helpful to you. Good luck! EDIT - After reading the web site a little more it may not be that great. Best bet is to search for building a metal detector, I am...
  12. George

    Knight Rider

    Very nice!
  13. George

    Old telephone to cell phone switch

    Where is the cell phone in relation to the old phone, in the same room? How is the old phone connected to the cell? Is that the 3.5mm jack. I am just a little confused on your setup. If you could add a drawing showing what you have and how it is connected now if that is the case. Maybe add...
  14. George

    Display cabinet - pir motion sensor & led circuit 555

    It looks like that sensor you linked to on eBay will time delay up to 18 seconds and I would bet you could just hook your led strip right to the output pins. For the .99 cost it would be worth a try. You would most likely have to add the transistor circuit like in the video to handle multiple...
  15. George

    Etching pcbs

    Hi Dan, First I want to welcome you to our forum! I am sure you will find this a helpful site with a lot of people that have a great deal of Electronic Expertise and are very friendly. Here are a few ideas for your question. Board House - Here is what I found to be the least expensive...
  16. George

    Traffic Lights

    Awesome job!!! Where did you get the housing? Thanks for posting!
  17. George

    Traffic Lights

    Hi Thomas, Great work! Would you add a nice close up picture of the finished project for others to see. A lot of people like to see the actual wiring along with the schematic to double check their work. I know a few people have had trouble with this project so I think a good high res picture...
  18. George

    Mosquito Repeller

    I don't know where to get one. I just looked through Digikey and theirs only go up to 12KHz. Sorry
  19. George

    555 trigger circuit

    Use your NPN and cap. Fleck showed me that.
  20. George

    555 trigger circuit

    The cap should work for single trigger even though its dc. I know dc does not pass through caps but they work in this case. I will send a tested schematic in the morning after I get home from work.