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    Connecting a 12V light to a 12V A23 Battery. Will it Work?

    Hey, guys! I'm wanting to connect a 12V light that is used as a side marker for trucks to an A23 12V Energizer Battery. I just want to know if I need a resistor in case the battery sends too much power to the light and how I can go about hooking this up. I'm hoping I can just attach the wire to...
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    Thyristor problem

    Hello, everyone! I'm looking for a good technique to use a thyristor. This is required for the board to be used safely. Where can I find the source code for using thyristors?
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    Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitters

    I'm curious if anyone has paired a 5.0 Bluetooth transmitter with the Nox to see if it's an APTX LL transmitter or not. I have three Taotronics TT-Ba07, 08, and 09 models, but none of them work when connected to the machine. I'm not trying to use it with the Nox; instead, I'm trying to use it...
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    Calculating Values for PN2222A LED Circuit

    I'm gonna be adding an IR LED to my Arduino Uno and I'm trying to wrap my head around the math used to figure out the exact resistor values needed to use a PN2222A transistor to drive the LED. I know my LED has a voltage drop of 1.35V and I want to run it at 100mA and that I'll be supplying it...
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    Load Switch

    The TPS22929D is a low-ron load switch with a controlled turn on. The device includes a P-channel MOSFET with an input voltage range of 1.4 V to 5.5 V. The switch is activated by an on/off input (ON) that can interface directly with low-voltage control signals. The TPS22929D is a high enable...
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    I programed an attiny45 with the blink code just to practice as it was my 1st time doing it. Well it worked just fine. Now when i tried to program my final code on that same chip it errors out but i could upload the final code to a new attiny45. So my question is are attiny45 chips a 1 time use...
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    How to identify a potentiometer?

    I am trying to find the specs for a potentiometer that isn’t marked. I want to find a pot that matches the specs for the one I have. I want to add a second pot to the circuit so I can control it from two locations. I have identified the wires and voltages but am unsure of how to check the...
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    555 timer ciruit errors

    I have set up a 555 Timer circuit on my breadboard following this diagram. These are the values I use: R1: 1k R2: 1k C: 0.1uf Vcc: 9V The only problem is, on pin 5, I have a 0.001uf capacitor. When I connect the circuit, the led I have on pin 3 (normally I have an 8 ohm speaker but I...