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    Importance of positive feedback from admin

    Maybe some promotion to get more members as well.
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    noob project, cool idea, need help...

    Take a regular servo and remove the bottom plate. De-solder the circuit board from the motor. Now you have a DC motor running through step-down gearing to the output shaft. Extend those wires outside the case. Replace the bottom cover and remove the top cover. Find the gear with the...
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    AR Drone 2.0 - Is my circuit correct?

    I've added a lot of LEDs to RC aircraft. I normally use LED strips that take a 2s or 3s LiPo as an input. Anyway, I'd suggest taking the power for your circuit from the battery's balance tap. That way, a screw-up in your wiring won't damage the Parrot's systems. You can usually find...
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    High-speed strobe with dual 555 timers

    Hi all, A few weeks back, I wanted to grab a strobe light and show my kids the water-drop and stopped-fan effects. I remember doing this as a kid and having it work great. Well, I guess new COTS strobes suck. Even with the fan on low speed, the effect just wasn't right. The pot swept from...
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    What software do you use to design circuits?

    Falstad's website has a really nice sim: I just wish I could zoom in/out. But it's fine otherwise. Has anyone used a recent SPICE variant?
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    Variable speed flashing led

    I did this by using 2 555s. The first (astable) sets the speed of the blink. From 60hz down to maybe 5hz. I use a 200k 28-turn pot for R2. I'll look up R1 and C1 values later. The second (monostable) sets the duration of the pulse. It's pretty low. Maybe 100µs. Barely enough time for...