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  1. Justin

    12v motor controller

    Anyone want to make a breadboard layout and parts list for me? I'm going to be busy for the next while and won't have the time. Would greatly be appreciated, thanks! If not, I'll just do it next Saturday or later. PCB Drill Speed Controller with 555 Described here is a simple, inexpensive and...
  2. Justin

    What to do with a motor?

    I have a 9-18V 2,400 RPM motor. Any ideas of what I should do with it? I can't really think of anything.
  3. Justin

    Storage units

    What do you guys use to store your resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and all that other jazz? I'm looking for something that is cheap (Hopefully), lightweight, and has the ability to lock shut the all the compartments don't fall out if it is accidentally tipped or knocked over. Yeah...
  4. Justin

    Parts Lists

    I noticed that most of the circuits that you currently have on this site do not have any parts lists. Can we get somebody to fix this because the new people who come on this site may be turned away due to this. I feel that this site can be greatly improved if we give more help. The forums also...