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    Traffic Lights

    Amazing build, thank you for explaining the relay process in the video. That clears up a lot of confusion anyone may have. Great wire organization too! Well done!
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    Traffic Lights

    It did, the circuit seems to work great! Can't wait to see the large version.
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    Traffic Lights

    Video doesn't work. Try uploading to Youtube and post it then?
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    Help with building a star wars blaster light/sound circuit.

    If you want it as small as possible I'd suggest surface mount components but though those can be a pain to work with sometimes. You'd have to make a completely different circuit alone just to get the pre-recorded sound effect to play. A simple solution to make it last that long is to just push...
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    Traffic Lights

    A perfect real world application! Can't wait to see how it looks ;)
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    Metal Detector

    Well I'm not sure what every component in the entire circuit does. The only reason why I assume you would ask such a thing is because this is a school assignment or something of the sort. However, I can tell you what I do know Inductor: When the metal gets close to the inductor, it causes...
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    Stun Gun

    This guy has. He even tested it.
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    LED Dice

    That's a good observation. I have no idea where it goes but it may not even be required since it could be a typo. My suggestion is to follow the diagram and if it doesn't work when you make it then you know something is up.
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    Bike Turning Signal

    The LEDs would get dimmer as you added more, I think, but probably after a certain amount. You should be fine with 10 LEDs.
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    12v motor controller

    Did the breadboard layout. Please look it over as I am 99% sure I made a mistake. This is the most complex circuit I've ever done a breadboard layout for with digital art.
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    Coil in emp circuit

    That's cool, how many turns are on that thing? Any way to show a video of it working?
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    Coil in emp circuit

    10-30 turn inductor coil. That's what is says on the schematic. That means that you can use ANY inductor that has 10-30 spiral wound coil.
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    Flashing Railroad Lights

    Actually I just figured it out... lol. The LED was bad and I needed to make a jumper cable.
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    Flashing Railroad Lights

    Built this bugger but one of the LEDs don't turn on. Anyone see a problem in my design?
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    Variable resistor

    You're going to have to be more thorough in telling us as to what you're trying to do.